Welcome to Beyond a Couch! Our mission is to offer holistic therapy, training, and teaching services to individuals and communities. We recognize that people and family units need access to services, but so do churches, schools and organizations. Providing such access requires an approach that goes beyond the traditional therapist’s couch.

Beyond a Couch believes that dynamic change happens on the couch between therapist and individual and we exist to bring this same capacity for change into your community or system. We desire to see you well!




Our vision is a world where individuals, communities, families, organizations, and corporations are functioning in a healthy capacity and operating in wellness. Our vision is that positive interactions with a therapist in nontraditional spaces helps facilitate this change. Our vision focuses on eradicating stigma related to who should receive therapy, what therapists do, and what therapy should look like.

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”


Meet Your Wellness Consultant

Natasha Miller has been working in the greater Washington D.C. area providing counseling and case management services for the past fourteen years. She has experience building relationships with those experiencing homelessness to professionals serving as chief executives. She has a passion for social justice, grass roots advocacy, and seeing all individuals live their best life. Natasha is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland. She is most satisfied to hear her clients say “I didn’t know therapy could be like this” and “I was looking for someone like you”!